How much do midwives cost in the United States?

November 11 | Guest post by Therese Charvet
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How much do midwives generally charge for their services? My husband and I both have jobs with crummy insurance (What? In the United States? Shocker), and I'm a little worried about the cost of birthing a baby in a hospital. Do midwives offer payment plans, like I'm currently making on my couch? -Eliza

Midwives, especially when they offer home-births, are about half or even a third of the cost of a doctor-hospital birth option. Birth Center births are more expensive than home birth because of the cost of outfitting and running the center, but generally less than hospital stay.

The cost of the midwives services are generally lower than a physician, depending on the place, educational background and context for the midwifery practice. I’m sure some midwives do payment plans, especially since pregnancy itself is a 9 month process. You might want to read about this Seattle couple who are working out a payment plan with their midwife.

But these are generalizations; you’ll need to shop around and see what your local options are. GOOD LUCK!

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