Why are mamas so obsessed with cloth diapers?

Cloth diapers are so cute
Thanks to babyalexa for submitting this photo to the Offbeat Mama pool!

First, let me say this: we are using cloth diapers. I like cloth diapers! Several of my friends are cloth diapers! Now that we've established that … I am genuinely confused by how genuinely obsessive many mamas are about cloth diapering.

There are multiple online communities dedicated to cloth diapering discussion, swaps, and drama. There are untold hundreds (thousands?) of websites dedicated to selling an overwhelming array of cloth diapers. It's big enough that there's both a big mainstream cloth diaper industry, and then a ton of indie businesses dedicated to producing diapers, diaper covers, diaper accessories, etc. There's a special language of acronyms (AIO! OBV! WTF!). I heard rumors of a $200 diaper being sold on eBay. It appears that half the mamasphere is fueled by cloth diaper giveaways. No denying it — y'all are OBSESSED with cloth diapers. And no denying it's a great cause. But .. why diapers?

Again: I feel really good about our decision to do cloth diapering. But I'm confused by how "I feel good about this" somehow translates into obsession. I mean, I feel good about having soup for dinner, but I haven't developed a language of acronyms around soup-eating.

Do we women just like obsessing over brands, and this is just like obsessing over designer shoes, except for it's wool longies? Is it a fetishistic collector reflex, like Beanie Babies for baby butts? Like Pokemon for the SAHM set? (Gotta get 'em all!)

I've spent years working in marketing and PR, so I get brand loyalty (a few of my favorites: Designs by Karina, Lululemon, Lush, etc) and I get the collector reflex. But … why diapers? Why are you ladies so obsessed with poo containment?

Someone enlighten me!