Mamasan Maternity roxors my soxors!

May 28 |
Sexay Mami

Mamasan Maternity apparel is the mad notes. I have this dress, (ahem, not in that size), and I wore it until I popped, and then I wore it some more! I still wear it. It beats the pants off some floral tent with a big bow on the belly. And it fit my size 14 ass with room to spare. I wore it with a little cap sleeve tee under it, but you can rock the strappy look if you like. I spilled food on it, got breast milk on it, washed it a bunch, and it still holds up.

If I won the lottery when I was pregnant I would probably own multiples of everything in Mamasan's store. I love it all.

Bonus, they also have a line of cute punk baby gear, here!

  1. I've been coveting everything in their shop for awhile too!! I desperately want the tunic top with the little skull cherries – my husband bought a onesie at a store in town with the same little cherries all over it. Squeeee!

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