An ex-military, current nursing student dad

August 2 | Guest post by Anie

He's not the father of my kids, but he is the father of some pretty darn beautiful ones. This is James, who I think is a total hottie of a dad, and my friend Jessica is very lucky to have him.

Having recently gotten out of the Army, he's making up for lost time getting to know his boys. He's doing a great job, though, and they both adore him.

Currently he's in nursing school (yay for breaking gender stereotypes!) and working on acing those last couple of semesters. Studying can be pretty hard with two small children, but he's been making it work somehow.

Truthfully, though, who doesn't love the idea of a muscular ex-military father who is going to nursing school and isn't afraid of pink ribbons and faeries? Or maybe that's just me.