Steve: Because single dads are extra DILFy

By on Sep 1st

Today is single parent day on Offbeat Mama! Single ladies (and gentlemen!), pay attention, because Steve is one DILFY (and single!) dude. -Stephanie

This is my friend Steve and his daughter Ruby.

Photo courtesy of cfisherphotography

I know in the past there's been some controversy around our featuring DILFs, with some of readers finding the whole thing trashy and heteronormative, and having concerns over what the "F" stands for. Is it really appropriate to ogle someone else's partner? There was talk of "Well, maybe the F just stands for FRIEND. Dad I'd Like to FRIEND!"

Here's the thing though: when the DILF in question is a single dad, like Steve here — ladies, the F can stand for whatever you want!

Photo courtesy of cfisherphotography

BOWCHICKABOWBOW! Did I just turn Offbeat Mama into a single parent dating site?

Photo courtesy of Seattle's cfisherphotography

Photo courtesy of cfisherphotography

Steve was a stay-at-home-dad for the first year of Ruby's life, and captured a few of his Papa Tips over here.

Photo courtesy of cfisherphotography

To see more photos from this wonderful shoot with Steve and Ruby, head on over to cfisherphotography!