The artist in the nursery

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Summer Pierre (known around these parts of having a baby in a cab) has started a new series called "The Artist in the Nursery," where she's interviewing working artists about how they adapted to having children. Her first interview is with cartoonist and author Marian Henley:
Marian Henley, illustration by Summer Pierre

At 49 you were working professionally as an artist full-time, when you decided to become a mother and adopt a baby. That must have been quite a change! Can you talk a bit about the ways you had to adapt your life to having a child?
Adapt my life? Hmmm. No, I'd say "nuclear annihilation followed by painstaking, piecemeal reconstruction" is the best way to describe the adjustment period.

What would you say to any artistic parent who is struggling to figure out the balance between the parenting and doing their creative work? Any advice or words of wisdom?
Children are gone before you know it. I would advise artist parents to remember that their work is always there, ready to be resumed, but those first few years with your child can never be replaced.

Read the full post, and enter to win a copy of Marian's most recent book!

  1. Wow, what an awesome idea! I'm a new mom/artist, and I think about these same issues. I love hearing other people's ideas!

  2. Awesome interview! I can't wait to read more 😀

  3. Well, Marian Henley now has a new fan: Me! What a great interview. I so have to read her books now.

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