Can I breastfeed if I have nipple piercings?

June 28 |
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Do nipple piercings and breastfeeding mix? Photo by William Ng, used with Creative Commons license.
I'm eight months pregnant and just finally decided to give breastfeeding my child a go. Problem? I had pierced nipples.

Well, I still have them, as the holes have not closed up.

I was told once by a piercer when I was going to get them double-pierced that the piercings were done semi-low and I might have problems with it in the future. I asked my OB and he said he's not really had any experience with this and that I shouldn't have problems.

I wanted to know if any offbeat mamas out there had REAL advice on the subject. Is there something I wouldn't think of I need to do? Or not to do? HELP!