You're about to watch so many birth videos you'll be weepy by lunch time

July 7 |

Betsy Lee recently sent us a link to video shot while her daughter was born. The video, which was filmed by One Tree Cinema, is stunning. All of this beauty had me wondering: are there more fantastic birth videos out there?

I did a quick Vimeo search and stumbled into quite a few that I'm happy to share today. They cover a wide spectrum of births — home births, hospital births, and even a VBAC. Just to warn you guys: all of these are set to amazingly perfect music, filled with joy, and completely weepy. You're probably going to cry, even if you don't usually.

Here's Betsy Lee's video:

I think video is an amazing format — and perfect for capturing something like this. I don't have a video of my son's birth, but I'd love it if I did.

Oliver Thomas: Birth Story — by Zach Wear

The Birth of Baby Koa — by Rachel Sheperd

Lucy's Timelapse: this is a slideshow created of photos from the very beginning of the pregnancy all the way to the birth. I love it! — by LOCKDOWN projects

Ellie's Birth: this mama used self-hypnosis during her birth! — by Traci Turchin

The homebirth of Lucia Mae — by Sarah Janssen

Birth of Sofia — by Michael Simon

Fae's Birth — by Conor Berry

I'm not weepy ENOUGH! If you have an amazing birth video to share, leave a link in the comments!