A serene water birth story told in photos

By on Aug 9th

All photos by Emma Williams.

I'm absolutely a fan of birth photography — I think having a professional photographer document something as momentous as your child (or children's!) birth is an awesome thing to do. When Emma Williams sent over a birth she shot a few months ago, I knew it would be a perfect feature for you guys. Says Emma:

This little one's beautiful, peaceful water birth and the strength of an amazing woman, who gracefully handled more than 30 hours of labour and a husband who breathed with her through it all, completely reenergized me.

Elmslie's birth unfolded so naturally, overseen by an extraordinary team of midwives.

I am absolutely in love with these two! This photo took my breath away:

Cute detail: the baby's bed is all ready, complete with a photo mobile.

Oh girl. THAT FACE. Am I the only one mentally cheering her on? I'm all "you can do it!" in my head, and I know how this ends.

This! I love this! Her face is priceless, so filled with wonder.

Nom nom nom, sweet baby hands.

… and everyone's happy.

You can see the entire birth at Emma Williams's blog.

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