Obi Wan and Dorothy are going trick-or-treating while Buddha figures out his smartphone

By on Aug 1st

This week's Mama Montage is a little bit of this, a little bit of that. There's some poolside-action, library shushing, and a kid dressed up like a Jedi. There's even a tiny Buddha with a tiny cell phone who lives in a house with a toddler who has a tiny dump truck. Where do you think that Buddha spends a portion of its time? You know it — in the dump truck:

Typical juxtapose at our house

Where else would you expect to find Buddha besides in a dump trunk on a conference call? Photo by Ariel.

seventy eight

This one just makes me happy. Photo by Morgwnmakespeace.


Ssssh!!! Photo by Georgia Peach.

rose paints

I'm pretty sure a VERY important artistic statement is being made here. Photo by Rooster Mama.

Poolside superhero/mutant/epic kidlet.

Into the POOL! Photo by Zelmo Love.


Yep. It's a movie-themed Halloween shot. YES YES YES. Photo by Jennifer Chernoff.

This is what happens when I let my 4 year old son pick out his brother's clothes for the day.

Original caption: 'This is what happens when I let my four-year-old son pick out his brother's clothes for the day.' Photo by Tina.

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