Are you a "hard" or "soft" parent?

September 28 |
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Laura and Agnes
What kind of parent are you? Photo by Laura Varney.
Ariel's post on Offbeat Empire about being a hard boss got me thinking: could the same principles be applied to parenting? I've always hoped I'd be the kind of parent who is strict in certain ways about manners and trying your best at school and in your hobbies, but I know I'll be very permissive in other areas, encouraging creativity and freedom in certain ways that mainstream society might look down on. For example, can my son wear a stormtrooper costume to the grocery store? Hell, yeah! Can he climb all over stuff when we get there? No freakin' way!

Are you a "hard" parent? Have you been strict in ways you didn't expect? How have you found that sweet point? — Amy