Indigo's woodsy-natury-hippie baby photos

September 8 |

Some of you may remember Alexandra's rainbow-themed baby shower from a few weeks ago — who could forget that incredible-looking rainbow cake? Luckily for me (and you!), Alexandra lives in my city! Along with my friend/biz partner Ashley, I was recently able to snap a few photos of Alexandra and her daughter, Indigo.

IMG_8419 copy
All photos by White Rabbit Studios.

IMG_7910 copy
This is one of my favorites! She has the most beautiful eyes.


IMG_7916 copy
Indigo kept accidentally catching a flower between her toes. We got it out for her, but not before snapping this!

IMG_8376 copy


IMG_8388 copy


IMG_8393 copy
Let's play find the baby!

IMG_8414 copy

IMG_8423 copy

You can see more at the White Rabbit Studios blog!