Kid's Halloween party inspiration from Pinterest

October 7 |
Photo by paparutzi, used under Creative Commons license.

I think I've mentioned this once or twice, but we're on Pinterest now and it's pretty awesome. I've had a personal account for a few months, but I've had to physically stop myself from signing in — otherwise, nothing else gets done. The beauty of having an Offbeat Mama account is that by spending thirty hours minutes re-pinning inspiration for a kid's Halloween party I'm actually working — it's part of my job.

Sweet and Sinister Snacks

When it comes to party food, it's super important to me that I'm trying to make something I can actually pull off. I've been known to totally lose my shit over not being able to recreate something I saw online (or because I tried to get a cake out of the pan before it had cooled all the way). I tried to keep my fellow non-professional snack makers in mind when cruising for dishes, so hopefully there's something in here you think you can do!

Brain Cupcakes

I think Brain Cupcakes are pretty much the coolest Halloween-y snack ever. I mean, check it:

The best part is that all you need is cake mix, frosting, and food coloring — no fanciness required.

Swamp Juice

Source: via offbeatmama on Pinterest

I love everything about this recipe except that it calls for tapioca pearls, because tapioca totally freaks me out. Anyone have an idea for a good substitution? I'm thinking jelly beans, but I don't know how they'd taste in it.

Pumpkin Cake

This pumkin cake is made from M&Ms, but I'm sure a healthier version could be dreamed up if you so desire… like maybe a carrott and broccoli alternative!

Spooky Decor

I am TOTALLY one to go all-out for holidays… but my husband isn't always into it. NO MATTER, I'm way into the decor ideas that I've uncovered, and am slowly (as to not arouse suspicion) turning my home into a (temporary) hot mess of orange and black. Here are a few of my favorites:

Monster Fest

Source: via offbeatmama on Pinterest

Brown paper bags, hand-drawn monsters, and flowers made from some kind of yarn? This looks like something you could pull off easy!

Bat bedecked paper lanterns

Remember Jadetime? They sell lanterns like this! So snag a few and make some bats out of construction paper and VOILA: instant Halloween magic.

When bats attack

Again with the construction paper bats! As you can see, that's what these are made of.

Creepy and Kooky Costumes

I don't want to go TOO overboard with the costumes, because I'm likely to mention costumes again this month (um, I kind of have a Halloween thing), but some of these are WAY too good to pass up:

For the iME generation

You could also do an iPad, Droid, or, if you want to keep it old school, boombox spin-off.

Up, Up, and AWAY!

Honestly… I just couldn't decide which one I loved more, so I put them both in. The hot air balloon looks like it would take a little bit of work, but the airplane seems like something you could make out of a good-sized cardboard box.

The best cardboard box costume you've ever seen

HE'S AN OUTHOUSE. Need I say more?

If you're looking for "cheap-as-free" costumes, Offbeat Home has a post all about Costume Swap Day today. COSTUME SWAPPING. So genius I can't stand it.

You can see even MORE holiday goodness on our Holidays board. It's mostly Halloween right now, but give me another twenty-four hours and I'll be getting all kinds of holiday crazy on y'all.

  1. You could try subbing in basil seeds for the tapioca. When you soak them, they kinda look like fish eggs (in fact, the first time I saw a drink with them in a cooler at my neighborhood bahn mi shop, that's exactly what I thought they were)

    • Good idea! Chia seeds are this way, also!

  2. omg best post ever. Especially the decor and food! I really hope Offbeat Home features stuff too!

    Now to, as you said, "slowly (as to not arouse suspicion) turning my home into a (temporary) hot mess of orange and black." (This is our home exactly.)

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