How can I tell my gynecologist I don't want her to be part of my pregnancy without hurting her feelings?

November 23 |
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My husband and I just decided we wanted to start planning for a family (we are both 28 and healthy, active people). However, I have an IUD and my next gynecologist appointment isn't for four months, so we figure that is when we will start actually trying.

We moved to our current city three years ago and I basically picked a gynecologist at random for my annual exams. She is nice enough but I think I want to go with a midwife, home birth, or birthing center. I am the kind of person who doesn't like to hurt feelings and I am basically afraid that if I go to my regular doctor for the preconception checkup, I'll get talked into going through the whole pregnancy with her and end up doing the hospital thing.

Is it weird to see my regular doctor for a preconception checkup knowing I don't necessarily want her to be my OB? Do birthing centers do those kinds of checkups and should I find one prior to getting pregnant to avoid the above awkwardness? Do most couples pick an OB/midwife before getting pregnant, or am I putting the cart before the horse? — Andromeda22