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Piercing question: I have dermal anchors in my back — should I remove them before giving birth?

By on Nov 1st

Note: this isn't Heather. Photo by Progress Piercing.

I am a first time mama-to-be and I have piercings, as I am sure many other offbeat readers do. The question I am coming up on is about some of my less-than-removable piercings, namely, my dermal anchors.

My nurse practitioner mentioned having to remove jewelry if I needed a c-section but I won't be able to pop these out at a moment's notice. I was wondering if any other readers had trouble during pregnancy with piercings or if they had to have them removed?

Any info would be appreciated as I'm having a hard time knowing where to look. — Heather

Alright, piercing fans — anyone have experience with dermal anchors? Did you take yours out prior to giving birth?

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