Get busy creating your own FREE family, travel, or life timeline with Intersect

December 9 |
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One example of a storyline you can create with Intersect.

Whoa, whoa whoa: I'm completely enchanted by our sponsor Intersect, (they're also listed in our directory!). a site that allows you to save your memories and photos on a timeline and map. You can embed the timeline into your own blog or website or you can host it directly on their site. Basically: instead of using fifty-five various platforms for your memories (you know — blogging, Facebook and Google+ing, Tumblring, tweeting, and sharing photos via Instagram) you can put everything on Intersect and have it all in one spot.

Let's explore the various amounts of awesome that Intersect can bring to your life.

One of the first things I recommend doing is visiting Intersect's site and clicking 20 Things You'll Love About Intersect. Since I just did it for you, let me tell you what I really love:

  1. Instead of calling them posts, you create STORIES. You get 50 photos in each story, which means your story is really more like a novella, and that's awesome.
  2. IT'S. SO. EASY. You don't need to know how to code or design, you just sign up and ROCK THAT SHIT.
  3. You can synch whatever social media you use and your page: update Intersect, and you update everything.
  5. FUN TIP: click "Places" at the top of the page to find people in your area. MEET UP!

If you want to see an Intersect timeline in motion, I highly suggest checking out Patti Aro's storyline. She's been keeping up with her family regularly, and all I can think when I see her page is that it looks so incredibly easy — easy to do, and easy to navigate. This is especially important if you have not-so-internet-savvy friends and family who nevertheless keep up with you online: all they have to do is visit one Intersect page and that's it!

Of course, your storyline doesn't have to be kid-or-family-focused! You could create a pet journal (because I know some of your pets have human grand-parents!), document an awesome trip you took (honeymoon timeline, anyone?), act as a citizen journalist, or geek out about your fave band with others… or you can just go crazy with it and create your OWN thing.

SO LET'S DO IT: if you haven't yet, SIGN UP!