Parenting: it looks awfully beautiful, but you never know when you'll get peed on

January 17 |

A few weeks ago I was moseying around on Pinterest when I came upon this photo of a dad with his newborn:

That shot kicked off a mini-Pinterest spree for me, and I ended up creating one of my favorite Offbeat Mama boards: Images of a Parent. The board has all kind of parent-related photos: snaps of people's dads or moms, parents with their newborns, and even Jim Henson and Kermit. I wanted to share a few of them with you, and ask this: what does your parenthood look like?

Happy dad + happy kid = awesome combo. I especially love the kid's towel!

OHHHH look at that HEAD OF HAIR! (Also: why can't I resist saying that every time I see an infant with hair on its head?)

Source: Uploaded by user via Karis on Pinterest

This is dreamy… there's nothing like a TRULY vintage photo, especially one filled with so much love.

It's ok if you LOL about this for days. I totally did.

Hi, Very Joyful Mother! This one had me smiling like crazy:

Of course! Of course this is on the list:

Hey, everyone: I'd like you to meet my new inspiration for my son's wardrobe!

I love the two experiences here: the dad is like "Oh, my baby, I love you!" and the baby is like, "Dude, your beard… it's kinda itchy."

More vintage mom-and-child love! Because adults are children, too, guys.

You can see more on the Pinterest board. Adding photos to this board is one of my new favorite late-night activities, so who knows what you'll see!