A celebration of the first year: it's a birthday party round-up!

February 8 |

Jill recently sent us this email:

My kid just turned nine-months-old, and if those nine months are any indication, he'll be turning one before I even finish typing this post. I would love to see some inspiration for first birthday parties! Bonus points for parties that are a combo of "happy birthday baby" and "Congrats, parents, you're still alive and kicking".

OF course, I was happy to comply — I love cruising the internet for kid's birthday parties! I headed over to Pinterest and found delights such as this:

Source: fullofgreatideas.blogspot.com via Kendyl on Pinterest

Source: parents.com via Heather on Pinterest

Source: hostessblog.com via Lori on Pinterest

  1. These parties put my son's first birthday party to shame! Although we did plant a tree in his honour which was pretty rad. That multi colour cupcake is way to exciting!And I'd love some ideas for first parties that celebrate the parents too as our daughter will be turning one in the fall (I guess I'm really thinking ahead to this one!).

    • You could do a little line of pictures from pregnancy through year one with the parents doing their parent things as well. And get some "I survived!" pins to wear :)

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      • Not gonna lie — our invitation includes the estimated number of diaper changes and baths, and the line "we made it!"

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  2. My little baby girl turns 1 on V-day. And i'm NOT having a big party. In my experience, the birthday girl (or boy) gets overwhelmed at big parties. I've seen babies sleep through the whole thing! I just got done planning a wedding in december and i'm planned-out. So we're just having the grandparents over for cake and ice cream after church. I'm asking everyone to write her a letter that I'm saving in the baby book for when she's older. Just casual, and easy.

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  3. I'm planning a space themed party for my son's first birthday in April to celebrate his first trip around the sun. ^_^

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  4. What perfect timing! I am currently in Planning Frenzy for my daughter's first birthday at the end of March. There is going to be lots of daffodils and lots of mimosas. My husband has a massive Indian family, so an "intimate" gathering for us is at least 50 people.

    If we could have had an "at home" party, I loved the following ideas…

    1. Milk and Cookies Party (guests come in PJs and bring their favorite story-time books).

    2. Movie Night (Fancy Popcorn Buffet and Slideshow of photos from Birthday Kid's First Year).

    3. Family Tree Theme (Guests bring a favorite photo of themselves as a child and hang it on a tree with a clothespin. "Trees" are made from branches arranged in a pot. Serve chocolate nests. Lots of great "woodland" stuff out there right now).

    One thing we are doing this year that can be done no matter what size party you throw is a Birthday Time Capsule. I wrote about it here…


    I am so loving that Uno Cake…definitely going to have to do that one year!

    • OOOH! You have to send us photos after this happens! :)

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    • I totally want to have a milk and cookies slumber party for his first birthday now! Have our friends come over and camp out in the living room. Play with him until he conks out and then just stay up chatting and playing Truth or Dare (maybe substitute White Russians for some of that milk ;).

  5. i feel like we haven't really answered the question on how to throw a "yay you survived your first year as parents" party. Here's my idea.

    Small party for the little guy just a few hours before bedtime. Cake, presents, pictures…the norm. Bedtime hits and the party really begins. Put on some music, crack open the bottles of Grown-Up Juice and have fun with your friends like before you had a baby. Or just some grown-up time. You deserve it too!

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