Reader photos: bath-time fun, a blue-haired teen, and a very awesome fairy family

By on Feb 13th

Photo by Suzanne Gipson.

The above photo made me smile every single time I saw it, so that's what's kicking off this week's Mama Montage. I don't know what exactly is going on there, but it looks like it's awesome — or at least bearable. Siblings = hilarious.

Love these valentines that Jessica made! Photo by Bakan Photography.

The red-black-white coordination is AMAZING. Photo by Hunny.


Totally digging this. Photo by Aly and Elroi and sons.


Ukulele love! Photo by Brenda Torres.

Mr Punk!

I definitely give this eyewear two enthusiastic thumbs up. Photo by Kelly.

the girl (?)

Love her hair! Photo by Cyndy.


Family wedding magic. Photo by Deb Lockrow of ART Photography.

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