Can you tell me how to get… to a Sesame Street-themed birthday party? (!!)

March 2 |

You guys may remember the Dr. Seuss-themed birthday party shot by Atlanta-based Uzbin Photograhy that we featured a few months ago — and today I've got yet another awesome looking kid fete for one-year-old Aya. Aya's mother, Palwasha, planned a Sesame Street-themed event for her kidlet, and the photos are crazy adorable:

All photos by Uzbin Photography.

Gumballs presented by Bert? You betcha.
Alright, how many of you saw that cake and said '(insert your kid's name here) would LOVE THAT.' ?
Yes to this hat. That is all.
Birthday girl!
The hat is winningggggg!
She's all: 'Don't even think about eating that cake before I get to.'

You can dig on even more shots from the day at the post on Uzbin Photography's blog!