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Here we go again: I'm freaking out about my second childbirth

By on Apr 5th

Photo by Tom & Katrien, used under Creative Commons license.

My first baby's arrival into the world was an exercise in acceptance. My planned home birth turned into a hospital induction, followed by epidural when the pain became more than I could bear. At the time, through it all, I was ok emotionally with everything that happened. However, at the time I wasn't planning to have another child. Long story short, I changed my mind and now five years later I am 25 weeks pregnant with my second child.

Last night I was awake in the middle of the night having an anxiety attack about going through the most painful experience of my life all over again. I was hoping some offbeat mamas could help with either some advice about how to deal with this, or some positive birth stories of second births after experiencing a painful induced birth the first time.

Positive stories only, please. I'm really in need of some good vibes right now. — Joyelle

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