Lessons in practice and making eggy pie

April 18 |
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Eggy Pie Women
Photo by Helen Jane.

I love it when parents bring their kidlets into the kitchen — to me, there's no better way to learn than to TRY. Helen Jane recently let her daughters help make breakfast, and the results are cuuuuute.

Eggy Pie Women
I love how serious she is.
Eggy Pie Women
She did it!

You can see more (and snag the recipe for Eggy Pie) at her website!

  1. Oh ho! Is that the largest bowl of a vintage four-bowl Pyrex nesting bowl set? I own the green bowl (yardsale find), and have been trying to piece together the entire set for ages now, so I am jealous that you've got the biggest one, the yellow one.

  2. Ohmigod, I thought my family was the only one on earth that called it eggy pie. I didn't even KNOW the word quiche until I was in college. I'm not alone!

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