Marvelous playgrounds that are actually pretty marvelous

May 9 |
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This whale playground installation in Sweden is THE SHIT.

Ariel recently emailed me a link to a post on Laughing Squid that featured some pretty brilliant playgrounds. Each site was dreamed up by Danish company Monstrum, and they've basically convinced me that I should relocate to Denmark. Who's with me?

Hi, castle! Please be my new home.
Who wouldn't want to play under a gigantic spider?

You can see more at Laughing Squid and even MORE at Monstrum's website.

  1. As a Dane, I must say that truly, you should move to Denmark. I try to convince my faux-husband daily to move over there, using the magic of Lego and Rød Kaal to lure him. I miss Herning *sigh*

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  2. These look so awesome. I wish there were more places like this in the States–so tired of the "uber safe" cookie cutter playgrounds. All the FUN stuff has been deemed too dangerous :(

  3. High Park in Toronto had a amazing castle themed Playground called the Jamie Bell Adventure Playground which had been built by volunteers in the community.

    Unfortunately, back in March someone set it on fire. :(–arson-suspected-in-high-park-playground-fire

    The Community has vowed to rebuild.

    I'm a teacher, and at a school I used to teach at, we would take the Grade 1's to High Park for an end of year field trip every year. It was always an incredible moment to set over 100 Grade 1's loose on that playground for the last hour of the trip.

  4. The playgrounds in Europe are so much cooler than the ones in North American. That being said, they are also much more dangerous! Some of the climbing structures here are insane! I wouldn't even want to climb them for fear of falling! It's hard to convince your two-year old that they aren't big enough to climb some of these play structures! (I'm in Germany)

  5. The second image of the boy should be thinking (my God I'm INSIDE A WHALE)! Great photos, she wanted to know!

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