Solutions for a painful internet: Helen Jane's Mom 2.0 presentation

May 18 |
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Photo by Helen Jane.

Holy shit, I love Helen Jane's Mom 2.0 Presentation titled "Solutions for a Painful Internet." If you've ever found yourself judging anyone online EVER (and seriously, who hasn't?), this is the presentation for you:

Our internet is barely ten years old. Its current mobile-visual-branded version — less than five years old.

When I get all judgey and mean about online authors, I stop it cold by thinking of other authors as five-year-old scientists.

Would you be as judgemental and mean to a five-year-old in a tiny lab coat (little Twitter handle embroidered on it) as you are (inside your head of course) to some other bloggers?

I didn't think so.

Think of all of us as little experimenters.

Sharing news through a personal lens, this experiment is barely five years old yet we consistently judge people as if they should know better.

We're all just bumbling along in our labs, trying things out publicly. Let's use our imagination to appreciate the internet for the experiment it IS.

You can read the presentation in its entirety here (complete with slides!).

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