I turned a coffee table into a chalkboard canvas for my toddler

November 15 | Guest post by Jill Of Most Trades
Photos by Jill Of Most Trades.

I love to encourage my little girl to draw and be creative as much as possible. I've looked into a lot of options for her (man, those "mess-free" paper and marker combinations that only work with one another would get expensive!), but wasn't very happy with what was available — besides, my daughter needs a BIG canvas. When my husband brought a pretty grody-looking coffee table home a few weeks ago, I ignored it until I realized what I could use it for — the coffee table could be transformed into a canvas for our kid.

My daughter and I spent a day hanging out at the house, and I noticed how much she loves to decorate our driveway with her sidewalk chalk. Then it hit me — a chalkboard table!

What I love most about this table is that my daughter can grow with it — I know she's a toddler now, but when she's in school this table would be perfect for notes, homework, reminders, and so on. Not to mention it will work with almost any decor, depending on how it's painted.

Another bonus? Assuming you don't have allergies, chalk is SUPER easy to clean up. Even if you don't have kids this table would be great for college and high school students — not to mention for adults! A coffee table you can write on when you really need to remember something but can't find a pen or paper? Awesome.