Is it even possible to decline my work's baby shower?

November 15 |
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Photo by Sugar Daze, used under Creative Commons license.
I am pregnant and I experienced raging morning sickness that more closely resembled all-day sickness. I threw up at work several times (in the bathroom) but was still "reminded" by Human Resources to use the bathroom for all incidences because they had "received complaints." I was embarrassed — I did all I could have.

I work in a small corporate office and we celebrate birthdays and things, including baby showers. I don't want a baby shower thrown for me for the sake of being consistent by my co-workers who complained about me, and my family and friends are both planning two already — this would be a bit superfluous.

Should I, can I, decline a baby shower from my co-workers? Is there a "good" way to even do this? — Claire