How can we work pre-kid hobbies into our life with a toddler?

November 23 |
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Photo by eflon, used under Creative Commons license.
We have a wonderful one-year-old daughter who we love hanging out with, but we find ourselves feeling stuck at home. Neither my partner or I feel that satisfied, renewed or entertained by our weekends as we tiptoe around nap times, clean up after our toddler or each other, and come to terms with the fact that spending a lot of time sewing, home brewing, driving, or vegging out on Dr. Who marathons is very difficult (and not so desirable) with an active toddler. We also find ourselves getting resentful when either A) one of us takes an entire day for a non baby-friendly hobby like scuba diving, or B) one of us insists that the other DOESN'T take a whole day for a non-baby-friendly hobby.

So help us break out of this rut! What do you do for fun on the weekends that includes your baby or toddler and your partner, in or out of the house? How do you accommodate pre-kid hobbies into post-kid reality? I'm excited to hear any and all ideas! — Maya

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