Collectively grieving Newtown, CT

This email came in over the weekend:

By: Armin VogelCC BY 2.0
Hello lovely people of Offbeat Families, I realize that you're all probably getting a lot of inquiries about the Newtown shooting, and am going to guess that you are currently discussing how to bring it up/mourn it/ post about it, and I would just like to say that I'm sure there are many many other people like me that would like to see something on here where we can mourn/cry/discuss the actual issue without worrying about it twisting into political topics like gun control, etc. I live one town over, minutes away from where the shooting happened, and it has affected me directly although I am blessed not to have lost any children, I know I would really appreciate something on here where we can all acknowledge our fears but also support each other in this time of both local and national grief.

Thank you always, for being so awesome, and such wonderful people. Y'all make the world a better place.


Stephanie and I are both completely devastated by the situation in Newtown, with Stephanie being especially freaked out since she already survived one shooting last week (she and her son were at the mall in Oregon last Tuesday when three people were shot and killed).

The two of us have been talking all weekend, and we just don't have much to contribute to the discussions about Newtown — we're grief-stricken and heartbroken, but not in an especially offbeat way. We're just reading the news and crying in the exact same ways that most everyone else is. For me personally, I'm simply too raw and upset about the whole thing to even try to articulate anything coherent, let alone try to get into sharing my perspectives in a public arena. For me, this is the kind of experience I process privately with my family.

That said, I do want to provide a place for Offbeat Families to support each other through the grief we're all experiencing as we emerge from the terrible events of last week. If you're in a place where you want to discuss it feel free.