A gender neutral nursery turned aquarium-themed big girl's room

January 17 |
Photo by Jennifer.

A few years ago we featured a super adorable gender neutral nursery. As they tend to do, the kiddo taking up residence in the nursery is growing up — now she's a legit big girl with a bunk bed and everything!

Her parents, Jennifer and Kevin, are preparing to welcome their second child and wanted to do something special for their first — and this wave mural was born. Says Jennifer:

As we get closer to the birth of our second child (just 100 days to go, in fact), we have been careful to make sure our daughter does not feel over-shadowed. She has a birthday coming up, February 9th, and this year we told her she could upgrade to a bunk bed. She has been drooling over the Ikea Kura bunk bed her best friend Jack got back when his folks were preparing for the birth of their second child, so we were all too happy to oblige. The next step was to create the stencil which I did with a pencil, exacto knife and piece of cardboard. My daughter had a great time adding all of the fish to her new "aquarium" and even donned her Little Mermaid pjs for bed. Was it worth all the work? The look on her face says it all.

You can get more details at Jennifer's blog!