My husband and I are big-time introverts: will having kids and losing our personal space be crazy for us?

March 1 |
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Darker Bracketing
Sometimes you need space. By: LearningLarkCC BY 2.0
Between babycrack moments and in-law pressures, my husband and I have been thinking about babies. In the past I didn't want to have children at all, but meeting my nephews and knowing what a wonderful person my husband is, I think that it is something I'd like for our future. In fact, I can totally see how we would rock parenthood with our nerdy ways.

However, I am not sure how a child would fit into our small family, since both of us are quite introverted: we don't crave socializing and like our peace and quiet at home. I fear that the lack of privacy, personal space, quiet and time for us to recharge, could bring out a bad side of us and we'd slowly slide the horrible steep slope in becoming horrible parents that scar their children for life.

Most of what I've found regarding introverted parenting have been in very religious blogs, where the advice is usually around prayer, resignation and sacrifice… not particularly useful for us. I'd like to know if there are any very introverted parents here at Offbeat Families, or children of introverts, and what advice they would give to other introverts like us. — Jules

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