Reader Round-up: future scientists, sea monsters, and a really geeky Trekkie pregnancy annoucement

By on Mar 25th

YOU KNOW IT, GIRL. Photo by Hunny.

This week's batch of reader photos is jam-packed with a whole bunch of science-y geek-outs (Star Trek-themed pregnancy announcement, anyone?), with a side of Dad and sea monster. INTRIGUED? Let's go:


Photo by Bethany.

I'm a little a lot in love with the magic in this.


Photo by Mmama_instead.

I really love that while some of you are hanging out in a pool…

transitioning woods…

Photo by Amy.

… others are still tromping around in snowy woods. OH, REGIONAL DIFFERENCES.

I have proof of a sea monster!

Photo by Marta.

If we don't have superheroes, we have sea monsters! YES.

announcement 7 (2)

Photo by Victoria.

You two. YOU TWO. You two win everything, congratulations.

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