5 ways SimpleRegistry helps you register for the baby gear you actually want

By on Apr 5th

A glimpse into a real registry on SimpleRegistry.

Those of you who are somewhere on the baby registry spectrum (probably between "ehhh, maybe?" and "YES PLEASE GIVE ME ALL THE REGISTRY INFO!"), get stoked: today we're talking about longtime Offbeat Families sponsor, SimpleRegistry. In case you missed out the first few times, here's the skinny: SimpleRegistry is an online cash registry service with awesome tools and features that streamline the gift-giving and receiving process.

Read on to find out how it works!

It's easy to add items from anywhere

SimpleRegistry works almost exactly like an online store's registry, but with one big difference — you can use the SimpleAdder to add items from any online store. You then share your registry with interested parties, and they can deposit cash into your account so you can snag the items you're after.

Friends and family can suggest items for your list

If the idea of being able to choose from any store you want is a bit overwhelming, or you're totally not sure where to begin, you can also open up your registry to suggestions from friends and family. Hello, easiest registry creation ever! You have total power over whether or not an item ends up on the registry and which ones you want to leave out.

SimpleRegistry is super phone-friendly

SimpleRegistry also got a free Mobile app that allows you to add items by scanning a bar code or taking a photo with your phone. You're probably already Instagramming photos of cute baby stuff you dig — and now you can use those photos to make your registry even better!

You can go green and opt for gently used stuff

As this testimonial from Emily and Chris shows, the service is especially helpful for parents who need baby stuff but are hoping to keep their environmental impact light:

We try our best to tread lightly on the planet, and everyone knows babies require a lot of stuff. Being able to buy gently used gear was a top priority. SimpleRegistry let us customize our registry so that our generous friends and family could help us feather our nest with quality used items, including a high chair, an infant bath tub, a swing, a nursing pillow, baby bottle supplies and more.

SimpleRegistry makes it easy to say thank you

SimpleRegistry also has you covered if thank-yous tend to slip your mind — the site keeps tabs on everyone who gives you a gift, including their name, what they gave you, and their contact info. This comes in extra handy if you're using the site for gifts for a kid's birthday party and you totally don't know the address of that one kid from your son's preschool class.

In short, this is it — the online cash registry you've been looking for. Sign up with SimpleRegistry and let them make your gift-asking and receiving easy on everyone involved!

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