Hackschooling Makes Me Happy: a 13-year-old talks about his education of choice

April 18 |
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Photo via Everybody to Safety.

Ariel found this video of 13-year-old Logan LaPlante's TED talk about hackschooling, which is summarized nicely by Iowa Transformed:

Logan LaPlante is 13 years old and he goes to what he calls "hackschool." Its really not a school at all in the traditional sense. As Logan says, "Hackschooling is a mindset, not a system." In this amazing TEDx talk, Logan sets forth a bold vision for education — one he lives everyday.

"What do I want to be when I grow up? Simple. Happy and healthy." Dr. Roger Walsh has identified 8 areas that create happiness and health: Exercise, diet & nutrition, time in nature, contribution & service, relationships, recreation, relaxation & stress management, and religious or spirituality. Logan asked Dr. Walsh if schools saw and practiced these as priorities. His answer: "NO."

Logan left public education at age 9. Today he learns through community, networks, by diving into context, and through experience. There is no curriculum, no "teacher" although plenty of mentors and coaches, and no scope and sequence. As Logan says, "I learn in community and I learn science, math, history and writing. I used to hate writing in school. I love it now because I get to write about what I love."

You can watch the talk right here!