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Last minute gifts for that mom or mom-person in your life

By on May 3rd

You can say I love you with this plant. Like, literally.

I was going to avoid drumming up yet another "stuff you can buy for Mother's Day" post UNTIL I realized that ThinkGeek has already done all the hard work for me and put together this collection of awesome Mother's Day gift packs for the mom or mom-like person in your life. All you need to know is this: is she happy, caffeinated, a gamer, into Doctor Who, a gardener, Big Bang Theory fan, a n00b, or totally ready for the world to end?

As always, click the photo to visit the product page!

Maternal Happiness Gift Pack

I can't pick everything out, but I'm pretty sure there's chocolate and an "I love you" plant in there!

Caffeinated Mom

Here's the deal, folks: while it's usually great, being a Mom is also pretty exhausting. If your fave mom is also into caffeine, this is the gift pack for her.

Gamer Mom

I know you know a gamer mom! Look at those pillows!

Doctor Who Mom

You had me at "it comes with River Song's TARDIS journal."

Big Bang Theory Mom

I know nothing about this TV show, but I'm going to assume that cute cat plushie means something.

Garden Mom

I would buy this gift pack for myself just to score those seed bombs — you throw them and boom! They grow. Well, not instantly, but you get the idea.

n00b Mom

Perfect for the new or soon-to-be mom!

Apocalypse Mom

Know a mom with zombies on the, um, brain?

Each of the gift packs are on sale ($25-45, originally $75) and Mother's Day is May 12, so the time to snag one is basically… right now. Go!