A teen with autism might just win a Nobel Prize

Wow, guys: Jacob Barnett was diagnosed with moderate to severe autism at two, and his parents were told he would never read. According to Neatorama, when he was 3 1/2 his mother took him stargazing, and then to a lecture at a planetarium a few months later. During the lecture Jacob's hand repeatedly shot up, and he began answering questions — totally understanding complex theories about physics and planets.


How the Wall Street Journal took a giant dump on women

You've heard about blogging conferences and events, right? Basically, a huge group of bloggers get together in a pre-determined location to do what people do at work conferences — network, hang out, and learn. Or, that's what I've always assumed happens at work conferences, but according to this piece published by the Wall Street Journal, the only thing that happens when you gather a large group of mothers who blog together is a whole bunch of selfies and mini bar raiding.


This French family lives in an ice-locked boat in northern Canada

This is the second year the family has spent in Grise Fiord, but Brossier and his family are no strangers to living on a boat in the Arctic. They also spent five years on a boat near Spitsbergen, which is an island near Norway. Brossier’s eldest daughter was only 12 days old when her parents first brought her on board.