Six tips for creating awesome care-packages for children away from home

While I was growing up, I spent a lot of time away from home. I can tell you now, whether I was away for school, camp, high school summer jobs or even when I moved on to university, nothing helped my homesickness and general well-being better than when I received a care package from home. I was recently helping a friend put together a package for her high school aged child studying abroad when I realized that not everyone was in situations growing up where they were receiving care-packages.


How do you bring up having a baby with your partner?

But lately, I've realised that I really want a baby. Like now. And I don't know how to bring it up gently. I've tried talking a lot about our friend's pregnancy, which he does get excited about, but unfortunately it doesn't transition into talking about us. I don't want to bring it up head-on in case it scares him off (because to him it's probably coming out of nowhere) but more ease into it gently if possible.


The Arizona book ban matters: to my kids, your kids, and kids all over the world

The ban on ethnic studies and ethnic literature in Tuscon, Arizona matters to your children. It matters even if they are not growing up in the Southwest, like my children, with names like Joaquin, Rodrigues, Donaciano, and Aragon. It matters even if they aren't in the spectrum of browns redacted from history books. It matters even if they would never have read the authors and titles spirited off library shelves in Tucson.


How did you find a baby-sitter you can trust?

I have been working more lately and as a result we have had to call on friends and family to help with the kids. Luckily we have a very tight support group around us and usually getting help isn't too hard. It's usually more reasonable to send the children to their grandparents' and let them pass the kids between the two houses.


Sewing nerds unite: now it's super easy to design your own fabric

I've been super inspired by some of the DIY projects [I've seen], but I have no idea where to get fabric that would make my home decor crafts really fucking awesome. When I go to Michael's or other big box fabric stores, it seems like I can never find anything that excites me. It all feels so familiar — I want fabrics that no one has ever seen before!


A Pi Day bonus: one teacher's thoughts on why math matters

"You'll need it to balance your checkbook" or "What if you wanted to re-paint a room of your house?" are phrases that we would often hear repeated to us when we asked "Why we will ever need any of this math?". While these uses are just as relevant as ever, these answers not only leave today's learners unsatisfied, but also do not address the essential needs of math in today's working world. As parents and caretakers, we should be careful to not confuse arithmetic with Mathematics.


All about my wonderful scheduled cesarean section

I walked with a cane for the rest of the pregnancy and had to wear a special belt. Birth options for this condition are limited. Spreading your legs exacerbates the condition, and it was possible I might mess up my pelvis permanently. This was the first seed planted in the c-section garden. Then, I got gestational diabetes, which statistically often leads to c-section as well. So, because of the symphisis pubis dysfunction, having had a previous c-section, and the gestational diabetes, I had a scheduled c-section on December 19th to welcome my second daughter.


It's Pi Day! Let's talk about how awesome math is for your kids

Growing up I was totally one of those kids that read early, talked early, all that jazz — but hated math. I can't even pretend that I just strongly disliked it, as my feelings were those of straight-up loathing. If I have to place the beginning of this hate-hate relationship, I can safely say it started when I got my first B in sixth grade in algebra.