I am breastfeeding a two-year-old and it's not gross (I promise)

The other day I was hanging out with my friend and her four-year-old daughter. My son, the aforementioned two-year-old, at some point asked to breastfeed. I'm trying to cut down on nursing him in public, but he'd just spent his first night away from me, so I figured I could make an exception. I helped him up onto my lap, pulled down my shirt, and let my kid do his thing.


We need to quit telling lies on Facebook

Not to be outdone, I uploaded our new pictures. "Sunny Saturday!" I wrote in the status. I'm not a total liar. I'm just good at PR. Time passed — five minutes? An hour? When you're blissfully ignoring your kids, the seconds slip by far too quickly.


My child and I will be bilingual, but my husband isn't: how will this impact our family?

Though babies are not yet on the to-do list, my husband and I have been thinking about what having a child would mean. One of the things that came up is language — my mother tongue is Dutch and both my husband and I agree that I should teach our kids(s) how to speak it as well, so they can communicate when visiting my family and other advantages. The problem is… my husband doesn't understand Dutch at all, save the odd word here and there. He won't be able to understand us and has previously expressed discomfort and annoyance at not being able to join in conversations.