It's official: Offbeat Mama is now Offbeat Families!

After months of deliberation and many hours of behind-the-scenes technical lever-pulling, button-pressing, server re-configuring, and graphic redesigning, we are officially relaunched under our new name: OFFBEAT FAMILIES!

This shift to our new name should NOT have any technical impact on readers, regardless of how you follow our posts…


GRATITUDE: why we're thankful for YOU today

ere it is: Thanksgiving in the US, and time to hop on the Love Train Express and pull into Appreciation Station. We try to remain grateful and appreciative of the Offbeat Empire's readers every day in every way, but on Thanksgiving we all wanted to try to find the way to articulate just how thankful we are for every single one of you.


Beloved Festival is sold out — but we've got a promo code you can use to snag last minute tickets

As we told you about a month ago, Ariel and I are taking our families to Beloved Festival in Oregon. We'll be leading a workshop on August 10, 2012, about dealing with judgement as parents — how we all find ourselves judging from time to time, and what we can do to effectively work through that feeling. Beloved's sold out, but we have a special code you can use to snag last-minute tickets!


Do you believe in Offbeat Mama's mission & values?

Given the heated conversation on a recent post, we thought now would be a good time to collectively review Offbeat Mama's mission and values. They've been posted on our About page since we launched in September 2009, but I'm not sure many people read them. These values guide everything we publish on the site, as well as how we treat comment threads.

If you're going to read this site, you should be familiar with our values — so let's read them together now.