An intimate representation of a celebration of life: my husband took my maternity photos and I love them

Ever since I was a teenager I always wanted to get professional shots when I was heavily pregnant, because I've always found the pregnant form to be absolutely exquisite. However, I was swamped under work for the last several weeks of my pregnancy which meant that I ran out of time and was unable to get a professional shoot. Being the determined (stubborn) person that I am, I still really wanted to get some photos, because I didn't think I'd ever feel so confident in myself again.


Dykes and Tikes on bikes: celebrating Pride with my family

We celebrated Pride weekend in August this year, and it was a hot one. Saturday was the Dyke March, which we tapped into later in the day. I had zero intention of braving a crowd of 650,000 people with a fiercely teething and mobile infant and his fearless three-year-old sister and decided to lay low. Back in my twenties, Pride was about volume. Do more, see more, flirt more, be more queer.