Memorial jewelry from Brent&Jess honors family members who have passed

Today we're re-introducing you to our sponsors Brent&Jess, and we're talking about something infinitely more serious than we did last time: memorial jewelry you can wear to honor children and family members who have passed.This post was hard for me to write because I get extremely emotional just thinking about the death of a child, but we all know baby loss and death happen. It's difficult to talk about, but it feels important to recognize and acknowledge it.


3 reasons why Superhooper will make hula hooping your family's favorite thing

Superhooper was started in 2002 by partners Lara and Droo. The pair now have two daughters who actively help handcraft and create hoops for customers and friends. This 100% family-run business is committed to quality hoop-making, out-of-this-world customer service, and giving back to the community as much as they can. If you've been reading the Offbeat Empire for a while, then you know plenty of couples love to incorporate hooping into their weddings, but we've yet to broach hooping on Families.


Ledbetter Therapy Sessions: sliding scale therapy for all kinds of families in Seattle

Ledbetter Therapy Sessions is a Seattle-based therapy practice with the intent of supporting people through the process of becoming parents. The practice was founded by Cal D. Ledbetter, MA, LMHCA, a licensed mental health counselor associate in Seattle and a graduate of City University of Seattle. His goal is pretty clear: he wants to help people reduce worries in their lives so they can live in the present fully without being lost in thought of the past and future.


Capture your child's details with child-inspired fingerprint jewelry from Brent&Jess

A few of you might recognize Brent&Jess as long-time Empire sponsors — they've been featured on Offbeat Bride quite a few times. If you've been a fan of their custom fingerprint wedding bands but the rings haven't seemed relevant to you, get ready for some relevancy! Brent & Jess just launched a new line of kid-inspired jewelry that I'm excited to tell you about today. Think baby feet pendants, custom fingerprint cufflinks, and rings with a child's signature stamped on.


Love It Love It Love It lives up to its name's promise AGAIN (+ free shipping coupon!)

I've totally gushed about UK-based children's boutique Love It Love It Love It on Offbeat Families before. I first found them via a reader comment back in 2009, and I've basically been dressing my son in their gender-neutral Scandanavian-influenced rainbow kid gear ever since. See, 90% of my kid's clothes come from the Goodwill, and cost 99 cents. The other 10%? They're euro-baby splurges from Love It Love It Love It. All my favorite pictures of Tavi? He's wearing their stuff…


Transformative Parenting: Learn to parent from your core values in this online course

We know a lot of you care about parenting as a vehicle for social change as well as everything else that goes into raising new and amazing citizens of the world. So when we saw this four-month course offered by Everyday Feminism, the bells went off in our heads! Transformative Parenting: Finding Your Authentic Parenting Approach is an online course (so you can do it from anywhere!), and focuses on self-discovery and skill-building for parenting from your own values.