Tips for acing your kid's birthday party

My daughter is ten and my son is seven, so we’ve had a LOT of birthday parties over the years. Most of them have been incredibly fun and very special. With birthday parties for kids, you never know what can happen. Seriously, we’re talking about little ones so expect the best… but prepare for anything.


11 artful activities to try with your kids

If you've been scouring the internet or your local library for fun art activities for your kiddos, look no further than The Artful Parent. Today Jean shares eleven of her favorite kid-friendly, warm-weather artistic pursuits. Note: step-by-step directions can be found by clicking the link associated with each activity.


We're turning our kiddos into gardeners — and they love it

Becoming a homeowner and having a patch of my very own earth renewed my enthusiasm for gardening, and my pregnancy a few years later roped my husband into the process. Lumbering, exhausted, and vaguely afraid of toxoplasmosis in the soil, I coerced him into carrying out my vision of the vegetable garden until he’d fully drunk the Kool-Aid.