Etsy Fiending: get your R2D2 baby onesies from The Wishing Elephant

Full disclosure: I spent an inordinate amount of time looking at baby clothes on Etsy, especially for someone who doesn't have an infant and probably will never have one again. I really can't help myself, because shops like The Wishing Elephant exist and produce robot baby costumes that look remarkably similar to R2D2 and all of a sudden I find myself measuring my chihuahua/pomeranian mix puppy and wondering if I could order him an extra, extra small.


Nice for tender feet: let's chat about soft shoes for babies and toddlers

Every so often I can't resist the urge to gawk at material cuteness, and right now I am totally in love with little baby and toddler feet wrapped up in Robeez. I (foolishly! FOOLISHLY!) spent my son's infancy under the impression that it would be silly to put him in shoes. I distinctly remember being told once that he should be in shoes because it was cold out, and I remember looking the person in question in the eye and pointing out that my child had on two layers of socks.