What non-candy stuff would you want your kids to get on Halloween?

Halloween is less than two months away, so it's time to start stocking up on Halloween candy! (At least in my head, it is.) I've bought a few bags of mini candies already, and those will satisfy the vast majority of the kids who come by my house. But can I get anything for the rest of them — what do kids who don't like (or can't eat) candy want to find in a Halloween candy bowl?


The history of National Grandparent's Day and ideas for grandparent celebrations

If you live in the United States you know how we just looooooove to make holidays for everyone, and September 8 is yet another: it's National Grandparent's Day! I'm a big fan of celebrating just about anything and anyone, so I'm totally on the Grandparent's Day train. While looking around for cute ideas for stuff my kid could do for his long-distance grandparents, I realized I don't know ANYTHING about the origins of the day. Anyone up for a history lesson/craft party? Let's do it.


Capture your child's details with child-inspired fingerprint jewelry from Brent&Jess

A few of you might recognize Brent&Jess as long-time Empire sponsors — they've been featured on Offbeat Bride quite a few times. If you've been a fan of their custom fingerprint wedding bands but the rings haven't seemed relevant to you, get ready for some relevancy! Brent & Jess just launched a new line of kid-inspired jewelry that I'm excited to tell you about today. Think baby feet pendants, custom fingerprint cufflinks, and rings with a child's signature stamped on.


Happy Fourth of July: let's talk about how cool parades are

Happy Fourth of July to all the celebrating Americans out there! Today we thought it'd be fun to throw in a special parade-themed round-up filled with photos from families at parades all over the world. If you're not American, not celebrating, or not into fireworks.. maybe you'll like this!


Last minute gifts for that mom or mom-person in your life

I was going to avoid drumming up yet another "stuff you can buy for Mother's Day" post UNTIL I realized that ThinkGeek has already done all the hard work for me and put together this collection of awesome Mother's Day gift packs for the mom or mom-like person in your life. All you need to know is this: is she happy, caffeinated, a gamer, into Doctor Who, a gardener, Big Bang Theory fan, a n00b, or totally ready for the world to end?