Love It Love It Love It lives up to its name's promise AGAIN (+ free shipping coupon!)

I've totally gushed about UK-based children's boutique Love It Love It Love It on Offbeat Families before. I first found them via a reader comment back in 2009, and I've basically been dressing my son in their gender-neutral Scandanavian-influenced rainbow kid gear ever since. See, 90% of my kid's clothes come from the Goodwill, and cost 99 cents. The other 10%? They're euro-baby splurges from Love It Love It Love It. All my favorite pictures of Tavi? He's wearing their stuff…


Brightly colored chevron and polka dot socks for kids

I love talking about kid's shoes with you guys, but we have yet to delve into an infinitely more fun topic: SOCKS. I've had a passion for socks for many years, and have happily extended this into my son's life — if it has a pattern and/or is brightly colored, he's wearing it on his toes. I thought a few of you might be into socks as well, and when I found Kids Socks I knew I had a good one to share!


Get the look for less: designer kid's clothes that totally aren't

One of my favorite parts of the Offbeat Mama Pinterest page is the Kiddo Style board — I can spend HOURS cruising the site for amazing kid fashion. Whenever I forcibly remove myself from the computer I inevitably have to face the harsh reality that it's not especially prudent for me to spend $80 for a t-shirt for my son. A few weeks ago I started combing Amazon to see if I could "hack" designer kid's clothing — and by this I mean finding less expensive alternatives that still retain the vibe of the designer outfit.


Want free baby swag? Start hosting neighborhood baby swaps!

To start your swap, invite people with kids who are within a few years age of your kids. Invite pregnant couples, friends of friends with kids, neighbors, people from playgroup, etc. It's ok if some people don't have anything to donate — there is always plenty of stuff. I use Facebook events but any means you use to get the word out will do. I like to host our swaps potluck style, and I usually provide coffee, tea, and juice. But you know… mimosas might be fun.