Etsy Fiending: get your R2D2 baby onesies from The Wishing Elephant

Full disclosure: I spent an inordinate amount of time looking at baby clothes on Etsy, especially for someone who doesn't have an infant and probably will never have one again. I really can't help myself, because shops like The Wishing Elephant exist and produce robot baby costumes that look remarkably similar to R2D2 and all of a sudden I find myself measuring my chihuahua/pomeranian mix puppy and wondering if I could order him an extra, extra small.


Live music therapy may help premature infants adapt to life outside the womb

Time spent inside a NICU with your premature baby can be mildly terrifying — the sounds and lights surrounding you are often unfamiliar at best. Between spending most of your time worried about the present and future health of their kiddo(s), parents can find themselves freaked out. I am especially familiar with these uneasy feelings, as my son spent a month in the NICU after his own premature delivery… which is why I especially love this piece about live music therapy for premature infants.