What a photo shoot taught me about being human and feeling beautiful

In January we ran a post about photographer Jade Beall and her A Beautiful Body Project. Jade spent time with several women, listening to their stories about their own struggles with self-love and their bodies. She photographed many of these women with their children, and the photos bring the stories to life. Last week Offbeat Home ran a post written by Michelle, one of the women photographed.


Susan Sabo Photography: Long Beach family photography that keeps it real

You might remember our sponsor Susan Sabo Photography as the vendor who kicked off the great conversation we had about cultural appropriation after I interviewed her last year. Then again, you might not remember, and you're just blown away by her photos, wondering how you can get her to capture your family. Long Beach, California families get excited: Susan Sabo has pulled the plug on the wedding side of her biz and now exclusively snaps families and kids, and she wants to meet you.


A family photo session served with lots of yellow and a hand-drawn lighthouse

Jonas Seaman is a longtime friend of the Empire — he took photos at the reception we had in October 2011 and promptly became everyone's best friend. I've been blogstalking him, patiently waiting for the day that he took the dive into family photography and friends: that day has come. If you live anywhere near Seattle, you're going to be hauling yourselves up to his door and asking to have your photos taken after seeing these snaps!