Should you allow your daughter's boyfriend to sleep over?

What a concept — approaching self esteem by telling a child their darker selves are loved. Only in our culture is the primitive drive to propagate a species seen as dark and dirty. We MUST change that. Sex is not dirty or disgusting, it's amazing and should not be relegated to something we do in the dead of night when the house is asleep and the lights are off. Turn on the lights and make love at noon. Sex and pleasure are not desires that should be hidden, but valid feelings that when expressed appropriately, bring immense joy into your life.


How do you get you and your partner's sex drives back in sync?

We've all been there some time or other: you and your partner have been together for several years and things in the hay have begun to take the backseat to more "important" things like work, hobbies, hanging out with friends, cleaning the house etc. Maybe the relationship itself is great, with long conversations, cuddles and whatever floats your boats, but sex is something you save for Saturdays and New Year's Eve.


Finding out the sex of your baby: pros and cons

Finding out the sex is one of those favourite sources of conversation for pregnant women and all who know them long into early parenthood: "Will you find out/have you found out/did you find out the sex?" It's the earliest indication of the significance society places upon the gender distinction.