Bridging the gap with my children's interests: Why one geeky dad is learning to love cartwheels

I'm beginning to have an understanding of what my father felt when he came home after working all day, grabbed our baseball mitts, and stepped into my room to ask if I wanted to play catch. He would usually find me on the floor of my room, in the midst of a galactic battle between good and evil, Empire and Rebellion. Now that I'm a father, I find myself with two young daughters who have the same view of their father as their grandfather once held.


LeakyCon and 4 other nerd-tastic summer cons perfect for parent-teen bonding

Guys, summer is almost upon is… which means it's TOTALLY time to get ready for con season! We've chatted about taking a small child to a con (totally doable), but never before have we waded into aspirational con territory for many a parent-child duo: taking your teen to a con. Luckily there are tons of options this time of year — there's a con for just about every form of geekery you can drum up. Harry Potter fan? Check. Horror movie aficionado? You got it.


Make your own Star Wars memory game and stick puppets or give them as a gift

My kids love Star Wars. I'm not even sure how they learned about it in the first place, as they had't even seen the movies until recently, but they've have loved them just the same. When we decided last year we'd have our kids make each other gifts for the holidays, I knew at least a few of them would have to be Star Wars-themed. I saw this Star Wars preschool pack and knew it would be just the thing for my daughter to use to make a gift for her brother. When I shared the idea with her she was super excited. We decided that we'd use some of the images to make a memory matching game and also some stick puppets.