I'm Human: a video from Alabama middle schoolers talking about what makes us different

The broadcasting team at Liberty Middle School in Madison, Alabama, is currently rocking my world. They put together this incredibly simple, yet incredibly powerful video called "I'm Human." The video features students standing against a wall, each holding up a sign that tells you how they're different. One is Christian, one is spoiled. Another is Mexican, and one girl has lost a friend — all of this in the first forty-eight seconds.


Tips from teacher: 5 ways to keep teens from frying your nerves

Whilst I'm still learning how best to manage behaviour, and the results of my efforts are often far from perfect, I'm beginning to realise just how much I rely on some of the strategies taught at university or learnt from other teachers. Even when these strategies utterly fail me, at least I feel that I've done right by my students and maybe, just maybe, they'll thank me for it when they calm down.


Why is Glee acting like pink-haired, tattooed mamas can't be good parents?

Basically, one of the teen characters, Quinn, got pregnant and gave her baby up for adoption — but now wants the baby back. She's a high school student, has no way to support a baby, and I kind of get the feeling that she wants custody of her child because of her own selfish desires — no one is really questioning whether or not she's emotionally or financially ready to have a child (because it's pretty clear she isn't).

BUT. BUT BUT BUT. The show keeps putting forth the idea that she would be a bad mom because of her pink hair, new clothes, and her nose ring.


How do I sneak healthier food into my family's diet?

Confession: I have totally been known to sneak veggies into our son's food — he's two-and-a-half and generally a good eater, but some days are easier than others. Sometimes, on the not so easy days, he'll find grated carrots and broccoli on top of his cheese pizza because that's how we roll.